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Burgermeister is an iconic burger joint located in an old toilet house beneath the ancient tracks of the subway in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

One angry customer shared this in a review "The staff at Burgermeister was very rude. I was taking some pictures to post on here about the experience, and one of the staff started yelling at me saying that I couldn't take any pictures inside, only from the outside. Fair enough, I understand, but no need to scream with customers. Inside, the place is very small and a bit dirty with leftovers from other customers even on the floor. The ketchup bottle was empty and no napkins were available. It was lunch time and not that busy, so no excuse for these issues. They have some outside seats but it was raining so no good at all."


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Cristian Ponzi says

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Kevin Ramsay says

"1 because there is no zero. No idea how to progress a claim once it’s in. Waiting since March for cancelled flight UK to Sri Lanka. Really worried I’ll never see the money again."

Linda says

"Like so many others I have been robbed of my $1500 flight from Australia to London on Virgin Australia which was cancelled in March. If the company cancels the flight then ALL the monies should be returned to the customer. Shame on you."

M. horn says

"If I could leave 0 stars I would. This company is absolutely disgusting. I requested a refund on the 30th April through the google forms- I had confirmation of this. I am now being told I will not receive a refund because I missed the deadline 2nd of June... they have no record even though I have the email still. They are the most disgusting company I have ever encountered. They took over £2000 for a service they have not provided. The airline has repeatedly said I am entitled to a full refund the byojet need to action it. Byojet are refusing so I will now be seeking legal action. I have done everything I was asked to do. I just want my refund"

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